Casey Flanegan (sixthirty) wrote in omg_likewhoa,
Casey Flanegan

So, I had to do a rap for AP env. science.

I almost got shot on my way to class
Yo; this story involves natural gas.
It's an energy resource, you know that its true-
all these things surround me and you.

Yo, yo check it- We use coal to make a phat beat
Which is turned into energy to heat yo' feet.

You see me wearing dis fake ice tonight-
Its made of metallic resources, that is right!
Iron and copper, they be cool too
Sometimes so hot, you'll catch the flu!

Break it down now
Pseudo break dancing interlude

Nonmetallic resources, that is right-
We'll rap about dis shit all through the night!
Water salt and soil, don't confuse them with oil.
You know what? I'm done, I'm setting like da sun.


Okay, how cool was that?!?
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You soooo rapped that to me on the fone. Haha.
Yeah, I know. It was hott. I just need a phat beat to go along with it.
simply amazing
I know it, thanks ;D
Alrighty, i'm going to freestyle to you about Greek Mythology....

::boom boom snicka snicka::

Let me tell you the story from A-Z
ABout this little tale of Greek Mythology

It all started with this god name Zues
He was a huge playa and got some mad duece

ALong came his brother
an angry one indeed

TO bad he was all powerful
he had control of sea

NOw Posieden was mezmorizen
The acts of the common folk

He got a little pissed off
and decided to give em a choke

Now as i come to my conclusions
about these tales

I want you to know, to stay in school
and....uh....fuck my whale....

OKay, i kind of gave up on the last part

Love always,
Marc, I love you.
And I'll send your loveletter soon <3
that was fucking rock.

we need to find label support for you :)